Beijing Enterprises Industrial Environmental Solutions Limited (BEIES) has entered into a partnership with Royal HaskoningDHV of the Netherlands and Century3 for the delivery of the sustainable Nereda wastewater treatment technology to China. The signing ceremony for the partnership took place in Beijing, China, on 26 September. Present at the ceremony were Mr. He Rong (left on top photo) for Century3, Mr. Xu for BEIES (middle) and Mr. Rene Noppeney for Royal HaskoningDHV (right).

BEIES is a holding subsidiary of Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited (BEWG) providing water and waste water treatment solutions to municipal and industrial customers. Century3 is a leading technology, engineering, and project management company in China. Established in 2004 with headquarters in Shanghai.

dws-rhdhv-nereda-graph-cyclus-400px  A robust one SBR-tank concept with a three phased aerobic treatment process using compact two layered granular biomass.

Best example granular sludge technology
Mr. Xu, Deputy General Manager of BEIES said: “We have been following the development of Aerobic Granular Sludge technology for more than ten years. Nereda technology is the best example of it.’

Xu stated that Nereda has proven to achieve organic waste and simultaneous nutrient removal within a considerably smaller footprint, with very low energy and chemical consumption.

‘By successfully introducing and implementing Nereda technology into China’, he said, ‘we believe we will contribute to the low carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable development of China.’

Nereda community
Mr. Rene Noppeney, Global Director Water Products and Innovation of Royal HaskoningDHV said: ‘We are honoured to welcome BEIES and Century3 to our international Nereda community. The companies’ strengths and reputations are formidable.’

dws-rhdhv-nereda-china-wwtp-utrecht350pxThe biggest Nereda plant (343,000 pe) is currently under construction at wwtp Utrecht, the Netherlands. The plant will become operational early next year.

‘The partnership supports the growth strategies for all involved, and I am convinced that this is a major step forward for the people and environment of China’, said Noppeney.

Two potential projects
BEIES has already identified two potential Nereda wastewater treatment projects, which when complete will not only provide improved wastewater treatment at lower cost to the environment but will also act as demonstration plants to showcase the capability of the technology.

Nereda is a wastewater treatment technology that relies on aerobic biological action to purify wastewater before returning clean water to the environment.

The Nereda process has already been successfully tested and implemented around the world. It requires fewer chemicals than conventional wastewater treatments and meets strict purification standards. This innovative, sustainable process was developed in The Netherlands.

This news item was originally published on the website of Royal HaskoningDHV.

(Photos: Royal HaskoningDHV)

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