dws-salttch-iws-award2-770px-1Dutch water technology supplier Salttech won an innovation award at the International Water Summit in Abu Dhabi.

At a 'Dragons Den'-like competition CEO Gerard Schouten at Salttech presented his company’s DyVar desalination technology to a jury of professionals, mainly from the Middle East.

Salttech won the award in the category Industrial. Organiser of the innovation programme of the summit, Piers Clark of Isle Utilities (right on top photo) handed over the award to Gerard Schouten (left) on 18 January.

dws-salttch-iws-stage-350pxGreat worldwide potential
"A great boost and confirmation of the innovative power of Dutch water technology", says Hein Molenkamp, who was present at the summit on behalf of the Water Alliance and the Dutch water technology sector.

"Salttech has won prizes before, it's a very clever innovation with great potential worldwide."

Single process
Salttech has developed and patented the Dynamic Vapor Recovery (DyVar) technology for treating high salinity polluted water in a single step process, using mechanical vapor recompression.

The water evaporates at moderate temperatures through the use of a vacuum and then condensing it in a higher-pressure room. By using a cyclone during this evaporation process, the crystallized salt is separated from the brine by centrifugal force.

Very dry brine
Salttech’s technology provides the first Zero Liquid Discharge process (ZLD) that combines full water recovery with low cost operation.

The advantage of this new technology is that the remaining brine is very dry. It is easy to handle.
DyVar technology is already applied in the oil and gas industry at a location in Texas, USA.

dws-salttech-iwa-stand-350pxFour other finalists
At the International Water Summit Salttech pitched its DyVar desalination technology together with four other finalists with industrial solutions:
● Scalene energy water, India
a waste water treatment and recovery technology based on fine-particle-shortwave-thrombotic-agglomeration-reaction (FPSTAR).
● Enviplan, Germany
a low energy physical water treatment Aquatector technology process for water and wastewater treatment, utilizing micro bubbles for separation of suspended solids and colloids.
● Hydromodel Host, Spain
a cloud based groundwater resources management software designed for planners, managers, aquifer users and technical staff delivering real-time visibility and accurate predictability.
● RS Hydro, UK
the fluorescence based sensor Proteus BOD platform for real-time BOD monitoring.

This news item is based on the original press release (in Dutch only) published on the websites of Salttech and International Water summit.

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