Under supervision of Dr. Samir F. Mohamed of Dacom, the agricultural advisory services of the Ministry of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia have been trained to monitor the soil moisture, using sensors developed by Dacom.

The training focused on the need for irrigation in Saudi Arabia, the water requirement calculation and the use of Dacom soil moisture stations and irrigation advises.

Drastic reduction of water consumption
In Saudi Arabia drastic measures are needed to reduce the water usage by the agricultural sector. The Ministry of Agriculture has set itself the task to decrease the water consumption from 17 to 5 billion m2.

Since 2010, the Ministry of Agriculture dedicated Dacom to a project to monitor the soil moisture at various arable farmers throughout Saudi Arabia.

    dws-dacom-saudi-soil-moisture-sensor-350px  Installation of Dacom's soil moisture sensor.

Proven efficiency
Dacom advises both the participating farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture on irrigation and irrigation systems. In the last four years, this has led to water savings of 30-75% and yield improvements of 10-25%.

In 2010 the National Agricultural Development Company (NADC) and Dacom, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture of Saudi Arabia, started a four-year project (RIWA).

During this project at 80 farm locations throughout Saudi Arabia irrigation advise services of Dacom were implemented.

A team of specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture in Riyad provided participating growers with support and advise to optimize their water use.

Creating the right balance between soil, water and air also provides benefits. Preventing water from leaking to deeper soil layers contributes to a positive effect on the leaching of nutrients.

dws-dacom-saudi-sensor-weather-station-350pxDacom's weather station providing data to advise the farmer on the best moments to irrigate the crop.

About Dacom Agri Yield Management
Agri Yield Management is optimizing the yield per unit of farming land consciously and precisely by using the most modern means in a continuously sustainable way. In quality, volume and financial return.

This is being carried out by precise daily control and possible guidance of all the factors that influence the cost price, the harvest volume and the environmental pressure of the production.

Dacom developed a dedicated support system with sensors and software for farmers to monitor the environment of the crop in the field and give advise on farming measures like irrigation, crop protection of fertilizing.

This news item was originally published on the website of Dacom.

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