Technical service provider Royal Imtech announced that Capula, one of the operating companies in the UK, has been appointed by Severn Trent Water as their strategic technology partner with immediate effect.

For Imtech, this means contracts worth up to tens of millions euro each year up to 2020.

Effective operational management systems
René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech: "We acquired Capula in May 2012 with the aim to strengthen our technical solutions in the field of process automation in the energy and utility markets in the UK. Capula specializes in delivering advanced control systems as well as real time business intelligence, IT performance systems and high-tech telemetry solutions."

According to Van der Bruggen this special competence makes it possible for customers like Severn Trent Water to implement effective operational management systems by integration of new and existing instrumentation, control & automation (ICA) solutions to improve operational efficiency and business performance and meet regulatory compliance targets.

"This new contract confirms our strategy of entering into long-term high-value partnerships with clients", said Van der Bruggen.

Investment in instrumentation,
Severn Trent Water is one of the largest of the ten regulated water and sewage companies in England and Wales. The company provides high quality water and sewage services to more than 3.7 million households and businesses in the Midlands and mid-Wales.

Funding for investment in instrumentation, control & automation (ICA) and other systems for the UK water sector is dictated by the British water regulator OFWAT and is allocated in five years cycle of renewed Asset Management Plans (AMP).

Tactical plan for managing infrastructure
The AMP 6 cycle runs to the end of March 2020 and is a strategic and tactical plan for managing (technical) infrastructure and other assets to an agreed standard of service delivery.

Typically, an Asset Management Plan will cover more than a single asset, taking a system approach, especially where a number of assets are co-dependent and are required to work together to deliver the agreed standard of service.

Goal as best water company
The terms of the partnership include the provision of major programmes of work such as large motor control centre replacements, support for complex IT,automation and real-time IT solutions to help Severn Trent Water deliver its goal to be the best water and waste water company in the UK.

Strong ambitions in the UK & Ireland market
Today, Imtech will organize a sell-side analysts day presenting its growth strategy for the UK & Ireland region, including export of high-tech waste-to-energy and electrical & instrumentation (E&I) services to other countries in Europe and a selective choice of emerging markets outside Europe.

In the last one and half year Imtech acquired in the UK three companies, specialized in amongst others technical maintenance, energy services and advanced control systems as well as real time business intelligence, IT performance systems and high-tech telemetry solutions.

Total revenue 2011 in the UK & Ireland is over 600 million euro, with in total over 3,600 employees. Total target 2015 for the UK & Ireland is 1 billion euro revenue.

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