The Rotterdam based design and architect bureau Kuiper Compagnons received the approval of the Shanghai authorities for their design of a new waterfront along the Huanpu river in Shanghai. For the extension of the southern part of the promenade Bund in Shanghai Kuiper Compagnons made a draft of a multi-level skypark.

Reconnection to the river
The draft connects the old boroughs with the skypark Huanpu River, allowing the residents of Shanghai here get access again. Docks will be emptied and connected to make room for a waterfront walkway. Old factories and warehouses will be removed or renovated to make way for bars, hotels and commercial buildings. One of the challenges of the project is to link the new Financial Center to the river.

Further develop draft design
South Bund Waterfront Area Integral Development Headquarter, Bund Financial Cluster Leaders’ Office and Shanghai Huangpu District Planning en het Land Administration Bureau, asked KuiperCompagnons to further develop the draft design.

Qingdao: integration of harbor and residency
Additionally KuiperCompagnons announced it won the competition for a new design for the Chines harbor of Qingdao on the Yellow Sea. The proposed draft combined the fishing terminals with living, residency and recreational functions.

The public space is placed on the roofs of the buildings, so that harbour activities of Qingdao can continue uninterrupted. The coming and going of the fishing boats is integrated in the urban spatial planning as an attraction.

This news item was originally published on the website of KuiperCompagnons (Dutch only).

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