Shell and Paques create new JV to push bio-desulphurisation technology for the oil and gas industries.

Shell and Paques Holding have agreed upon the formation of a 50-50 joint venture, Paqell, to focus their efforts on the marketing of biological desulphurisation in the oil and gas sector for high pressure gas applications using Thiopaq O&G (oil & gas) technology.

Growing demand gas sector
“The joint venture itself demonstrates Shell’s continuous drive to develop innovative solutions for the future, particularly with growth in in the gas sector and the challenges in meeting increasing energy demand and environmental expectations,” said Theo Bodewes, Shell Vice President for Gas & Liquids Treating Technologies. “Our unique sulphur recovery technology is well-positioned to address the industry needs, and we are pleased to start a new chapter in our cooperation with Paques.”

Thiopaq-installation at industrial waste water treatment plant of Aviko Potato in Lomm, the Netherlands. The installation treats daily 5000m3 biogas released by the waste water treatment.

Succesfull market development
“The foundation of Paqell will give a stronger dedicated focus for their successful activities. This joint venture is the achievement of our strategy of continuous innovation and forming partnerships for product and market development. We therefore look forward to an even closer cooperation with Shell”, said Rob Heim, Managing Director of Paques Holding.

H2S-removal from biogas
Thiopaq has been deployed by Paques in the water business for atmospheric biogas desulphurisation since the early 1990’s. Paques then formed a technology alliance with Shell in 1997, and saw the successful deployment of Thiopaq to the broader oil and gas industry, particularly in large scale H2S removal and sulphur recovery. Thiopaq is currently being applied in four sites in the oil and gas industry, with seven projects under construction.

Next generation technology
A new research and development program will be concluded by the end of next year, which aims to provide the next generation Thiopaq O&G technology with a step change in efficiency and capacity. Once this research program is successfully completed, Paqell will operate from the Watercampus in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands where there is a high level of expertise available in sustainable water technology.

For now, Paqell operates from Leeuwarden, Amsterdam and Balk in the Netherlands. Machiel van der Schoot will be Managing Director of Paqell.

This news items was originally published in the website of Paques Holding.

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