dws-bba-pumps-kopenhagen-770pxDanish contractor NCC used 10 PT150 wellpoint pumps of BBA Pumps when renovating the kilometer-long sewer system along the coast of Copenhagen city.

The pumps minimized possible disturbance to local residents from the construction work and the continuous dewatering of the wells points at the project.

Separate rainwater collection
The sewerage system of the Danish city of Copenhagen was designed to handle routinely anticipated amounts of waste water and rainwater. However during heavy rainfalls, the system quickly loses its ability to process the excess volume of water.

During the last few years such heavy storms have become more frequent in Copenhagen, therefore a decision was taken to separate the collection of rainwater and waste water.

dws-bba-pumps-kopenhagen-350pxLimited working hours
Earlier this year the Danish contractor NCC was commissioned to renovate the kilometer-long sewer system along an elegant coastal road. To limit any disturbance to local residents from the noise of the construction work, machines were only allowed to be used between 8am in the morning and 3pm in the afternoon.

An exception to this rule was made for the dewatering process, which has to be in continuous operation to provide the suitable operating conditions for the construction work to take place.

Super silenced pumps
NCC, working together with the Danish BBA distributor Tzacho minimized any possible inconvenience from the dewatering process by investing in 10 pieces PT150 pump units.

These well point dewatering pumps are super silenced and powered by an environmentally friendly DriveOn Hatz diesel engine which produces minimal emissions. Furthermore, the pumps require servicing only after 1500 hours of operating service.

NCC specified the pumps to include built-in digital flow meters so that the quantity of water removed can be perfectly monitored through the drainage system.

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