A distinguished panel of experts who are involved in providing integrated drainage solutions for urban storm water management and flood risk management will share their views on these challenges in a workshop on July 1st.

The workshop 'Managing Urban Floods in light of weather uncertainties and climate change' is part of the Singapore International Water Week and is organized by the Singapore-Delft Water Alliance (National University of Singapore) and Public Utilities Board (PUB).

New way to design urban drainage
Many hydrologists around the world feel the urge for a new paradigm in urban drainage design. Besides climate change, rapid urbanization is also impacting the hydrological cycle and has caused an increase in surface water run-off in urban areas and cities. More integrated solutions are now required to address the increasing flood risks and their impacts, reduce the cities’ vulnerability to floods, and safeguard the lives and properties of their citizens, as well as the cities’ infrastructure. This is especially so for cities located within the low lying river basins, coastal areas and those susceptible to tropical monsoons and hurricanes.

Dramatic changes in urban hydrology
One of the speakers in the workshop is professor Vladan Babovic of the National University of Singapore and head of the Singapore-Delft Water Alliance. He will address the new kind of infrastructure that is needed. "With current pace of urbanization globally we witness dramatic changes in urban hydrology and hydraulics. We experience more frequent urban flash floods, while we also more frequently suffer from droughts. At the very same time with climatic changes as in short term continued and accelerated rate of urbanization, we have to re-think the way in which we manage urban water", remarks Babovic.

Increasing flood and drought resilience
"Essentially, traditional design paradigm of urban drainage systems is not able to raise to these challenges", continunes Babovic. "Next Generation Infrastructure needs to be invented which will simultaneously increase flood and drought resilience in cities today, while taking into consideration possible future weather and climate scenarios. A challenging task indeed, but the one that must be addressed immediately. First steps in this direction have been identified, and the workshop will share some these experiences".

Professor Vladan Babovic during a previous workshop on new urban hydrology at the Technical University of Delft on June 14.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge.

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