dws-siww2014-pub-kwr-watershare-770pxPUB Singapore and KWR Watercycle Research Institute signed an agreement to collaborate in the Watershare programme at the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) on 3 June.

The official signing by R&D director Harry Seah (left) of PUB Singapore and Programme Director International Research Theo van den Hoven (right) of KWR took place at the Netherlands water pavilion and was witnessed by mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb (back) of Rotterdam.

Watershare is a global collaborative platform for top applied research institutes in the public water sector. Knowledge institutes that are member of the platform have access to a large number of software products, developed to resolve practical problems faced by the end-users of these knowledge institutes.

Its members combine their scientific and institutional strengths and share their best expert tools, helping their clients - water utilities, municipalities, water agencies – to meet their daily and long-term strategic challenges.

dws-siww2014-pub-kwr-van-den-hoven-350pxIntroducing the signing ceremony KWR programme director international research Theo van den Hoven explains the importance of PUB Singapore participating as a gold member.

Three different tools
As part of this collaboration, PUB Singapore will be using three tools from the Watershare platform:

QMRA Treatment Calculator
This tool brings together top-quality and current knowledge on the removal of pathogenic micro-organisms in water treatment processes for use in risk assessment (QMRA);

This tool has a risk-based approach, in which the probability and effects of valve failure are taken into account, leads to an optimal maintenance programme for valves and improved network performance.

Network Flow Performance
This tool uses Flow Pattern Distributions (CFPD) method to analyse the flow volume data for providing insight into customer behaviour, leakages and non-registered network parameters, contributing to effective operational management and leakage reduction.

At the moment, the Watershare platform comprises 16 tools, including many software products from founding partner KWR.

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