dws-siww2014-pwn-cermac-c-series-clement-770pxPWN Technologies launched its new product range of compact ceramic membranes, the CeraMac C-Series, at the Singapore International Water Week on 1 June.

Developed to cater the growing global demand for clean water in different markets and industries, the C stands for CeraMac water treatment systems, PWNT’s proprietary block design and using ceramic membranes.

The C-series were announced by PWNT's CEO Jonathan Clement at a network meeting.

dws-siww2014-pwn-cermac-c-series-booth-350pxScalable to any capacity
Available in different sizes and capacities, the C-series is available in the standard configurations of C7, C19, C36, C60, C90, C120 and C192, and scalable to any capacity based on needs.

Advantages of the C-series over existing solutions include an indefinite membrane lifetime (over 20 years), no fiber breakage, high permeability, chemical resistance and high backwash velocities whilst being robust, compact, easy to operate and economically feasible.

At the network meeting Clement shared the updates on the operation of the world’s first full scale SIX and CeraMac installation at the Andijk III water treatment plant in the Netherlands. "The new compact C-series allows us to offer our proven ceramic microfiltration block system in different sized vessels", said Clement.

About CeraMac
CeraMac is a filtration process based on Ceramic membranes with a much more compact footprint, lower energy consumption, more reliable operation, lower maintenance and more productivity at a lower cost than existing membrane systems.

The application of CeraMac means a significant improvement in filtration processes and allows for large scale introduction of ceramic membranes into the market.

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