dws-solteq-desal-ro-johnny-cay-island2-770pxSolteq Energy announced that it will build a new type of wind mill on the Colombian tourist island of Johnny Cay for the supply of both energy and fresh water.

The energy of the wind mill will be converted into high pressure to drive a reverse osmosis water installation for the desalination of sea water.

Johnny Cay is a small island situated close to the Colombian tourist island San Andrés, receiving 350.000 day tourist per year. Water has to be transported to the island in bottles and for the restaurants ice blocks have to be brought daily to cool the fish, because there is no fresh water or electricity.

Fully sustainable energy and water supply
It is the wish of the local authority Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible del Archipiélago de San Andrés (Coralina), to produce water and electricity fully sustainable.

dws-solteq-wind-desal-scheme-350pxSolteq Energy developed a new type windmill, which converts the wind energy into high pressure and this high pressure is used to drive a desalination unit (reverse osmosis) to produce fresh water.

Wind energy is not constant and the excess energy will be used to produce electricity as well.

No utiltity grid
Worldwide 60% of the drinking water is produced by reverse osmosis and the majority of those installations is using expensive fossil produced electricity.

The combined water and electricity production does not require a utility grid.

The concept developed by Solteq Energy is not only fully sustainable but in areas with sufficient wind the water production costs will be cut by almost one half.

Dutch demo site
The new concept will first be installed in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, early next year on a special research area, reserved for innovative water and energy technologies.

A group of companies and research organisations will be involved, including Lenntech, specialist in water technology, Hydroton, specialist in hydraulic solutions, Hoekstra-Suwald specialist in rebuilding and installing windmills and Solteq Energy specialist in renewables.

The Delft University of Technology supports the group with their experience of five years of study on combinations wind and solar produced water.

Another supporter of the project is the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO) that considers it a show case for Dutch sustainable solutions to Colombia and Caribbean region.

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