dws-van-oord-dike-reinforcement-pins-770pxDutch contractors Van Oord and GMB installed innovative pins for the first time to reinforce a levee along the river Rhine, in the Netherlands.

The main advantage of this new soil reinforcement technique is that it can be used in places where working space is limited, for instance close to living areas. Compared to sheet piling, there is no vibration nuisance for the local population during construction, and there is no obstruction of groundwater.

The client, Dutch regional water authority Rivierenland, is embracing this new method for use in the Hagestein-Opheusden Levee improvement project.

dws-van-oord-dike-reinforcement-scheme2-350px  The pin prevents the levee from sliding.

Rods in cement
The pins are steel anchor rods encased in cement. They are inserted into the underlying layer of sand and prevent the possibility of the levee collapsing during floods.

Installing the pins is an effective way of making levees safer.

The dike pins are installed completely inside the existing levee profile, so that it is not necessary to interfere with its crown or foot.

This new method of levee reinforcement is the result of close cooperation between Van Oord, GMB, BAM Speciale Technieken and RoyalHaskoningDHV.

dws-van-oord-dike-reinforcement-tubes-350pxSteel anchor rods that are encased in cement.

Civil engineering ingenuity
According to Johan Bakker, Director of Innovation at regional water authority Rivierenland: "Safety, consideration for local residents, and their environment, creativity and boldness are important issues for us when we take on and carry out levee projects. The pin is a shining example of civil engineering ingenuity."

Edwin van der Poel, Managing Director of GMB’s flood prevention and construction division, says: "Levee pins are a simple and environmentally friendly way for us to reinforce dikes. Their modular structure means they can be extended when required."

This news item was originally published on the websites of GMB (Dutch only) and Van Oord.

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