The Dutch water sector has again a strong presence at the Singapore International Water Week 2011 that will take place from July 4 till 8. At the expo most of the Dutch water firms and institutions are gathered in the Holland Water Pavillon. Many Dutch water experts will share the latest results of their research at the various conferences. On July 6 there will be a special ‘Dutch day’ with various activities, including a workshop on sustainable water management.

The kick off of the Dutch activities during the Singapore International Water Week is on Sunday July 3 with the annual network event organized by the Dutch water technology firm PWN Technologies.

On July 6 the Netherlands Water Partnership and the Netherlands Water House Singapore organize the workshop ‘The Netherlands and Singapore – In the forefront of Sustainable Water Management’.

After the workshop there will be a lunch offered by the Dutch embassy in Singapore. The Dutch day will end with the official opening of the Aquatic Science Centre of the Singapore Delft Water Alliance.

Contact person at the Netherlands Singapore Water House is Daniel van Dijk:

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