Centaine Du Toy van Hees, student at RSG Magister Alvinus in Sneek, won the Dutch national qualification Knappe Waterhoofden, with her research on the Blue Battery, an electrical storage system on water and salt.

This allows high school student Du Toy van Hees to represent The Netherlands at the Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2018.

dws-waterhoofden-hees-winner-350pxThree different configurations
For her research on the best way to store energy in a acid-base salt fuel stack, Du Toy van Hees tested three configurations of her self-made bipolar membrane.

One configuration was a Battery Protection. Module (BPM) without a catalyst. The second was a module with an in situ catalyst.

The third – which proved to function best – was a module with an ex situ catalyst.

Michel Saakes of the water technology research institute Wetsus advised and trained Du Toy van Hees in the process of developing a membrane for the system.

dws-waterhoofden-sjwp-2017-thorpe-chang-victoria-450px-Last year's Junior Water Prize was handed out by Swedish crown-princess Victoria (right) to US students Ryan Thorpe (left) and Rachel Chang (middle) for their novel approach to detect and purify E.coli contaminated water.

About the Stockholm Junior Water Prize
The Stockholm Junior Water Prize is presented each year to students in the age of 15 to 20 for outstanding water-related projects that focus on topics of environmental, scientific, social or technological importance.

Teams from over 25 countries competed for the international honor, which was awarded by an international jury of water professionals and scientists.

The international Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition will be held in the last week of August.

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