dws-sustec-wwtp-strongford-apeldoorn770pxDutch water technology supplier Sustec announced the supply of a Turbotec Continuous Thermal Hydrolysis Plant (cTHP) to Strongford sewage treatment works. The delivery of the Turbotec is part of a contract of Doosan Enpure for an advanced anaerobic digestion installation with Severn Trent Water, owner of the treatment work.

For Sustec it is the first of its kind in the UK. Two TurboTec cTHP-plants are operational in the Netherlands.

dws-sustec-wwtp-strongford-apeldoorn-heat-exchanger-350px  Heat exchanger of the Turbotec-plant at wwtp Apeldoorn, the Netherlands (also on top photo).

Maximise biogas production
The key objectives for the new digester are to maximise biogas production, reduce sludge volumes, produce an enhanced digestate, while achieving the lowest Totex cost.

The digester will be capable of processing 80 tonne dry solids per day (tds/d) on average, with a peak of 94 tds/d, and producing a thermally hydrolysed sludge of 10 percent w/w dry solids.

New international player
In a reaction Joost Edens, Area Sales manager at Sustec highlighted the first international sales: ‘This project emphasizes the unique proposition TurboTec can bring to both Severn Trent and other water utilities. The market for THP-suppliers just has gained an experienced international player’.

Avtar Jirh, CEO of Doosan Enpure, said: ‘From the outset of the procurement process, Severn Trent Water indicated that they were willing to consider a range of thermal hydrolysis technologies now available to the marketplace, so I’m very proud that Doosan were able to offer an alternative option, utilising our international technology provider relationships along with our in-house process engineering and EPC capabilities.’

dws-sustec-wwtp-strongford-scheme2-350pxTurbotec process scheme that enables to recover 35 percent more  biogas from activated sludge.

Smaller carbon-footprint
Once complete, the new digester will reduce utility Severn Trent Water’s carbon footprint by 10 percent and produce an enhanced product for 25 percent of all its biosolids, according to Doosan.

The generated enhanced biogas will be utilised by the recently installed gas-to-grid plant, the existing CHP installation, and the new steam generation system.

The enhanced digestate will be used by the local land bank as a sustainable bio-fertiliser.

About Sustec
Sustec is a subsidiary company of DMT Environmental Technology, providing sustainable technologies for a circular economy. It has a focus on sludge treatment and resource recovery.

Sustec developed the patented continuous Turbotec process for the pre-treatment of activated sludge to enable the production of 35 percent more biogas in the digestion, while in the improved final dewatering more than 30 percent TS can be achieved

Sustec realised a full scale TurboTec THP-plant at wwtp Venlo (7.000 tDS/year), the Netherlands in 2014 and a second full scale plant at wwtp Apeldoorn (13.000 tDS/year), the Netherlands, in 2015.

This news item was originally published on the website of Doosan Enpure.

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Founder of Sustec Lex van Dijk talks about the first TurboTec thermal hydrolysis plant at wwtp Venlo when it started first operations in 2014.