Bunduq Oil Company, established in 1970 to develop the offshore El Bunduq oil field, has appointed Dutch firm Tebodin Consultants & Engineers as their engineering consultant to perform Front End Engineering Design (FEED) services for their WD-3 water disposal well project.

A new 7.3 km subsea pipeline will be installed from the Gas Sweetening Platform (GSP) to the water disposal well platform WD-3.

Tebodin will carry out the engineering design related to the installation of the new subsea pipeline for disposing the produced water at the maximum rate of 50,000 barrel per day.

dws-tebodin-abu-dhabi-oil-fields-map2-350pxOil platform off shore from Abu Dhabi and Qatar
The El Bunduq oil field is located on the border of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the State of Qatar. The field was discovered in 1965 by Abu Dhabi Marine Authority and is located in the Arabian Gulf approximately 200 km North West and some 100 km off the shores of Abu Dhabi and Doha (Qatar) sharing the offshore boundary of both.

Oil produced from all 34 wells is currently being exported to Japan.

A Japanese consortium, United Petroleum Development Company Ltd. is a shareholder with 97% participating interest in this El Bunduq oil development project and the remaining 3% rests with BP.

Congested and corrosive environment
Tebodin has faced a few challenges. First the optimization of the piping design in the congested platform. Another challenge was the material selection for the subsea pipeline as the produced water was highly corrosive. Many options were studied and discussed with the client.

With only 22 weeks to accomplish the project, the schedule is very tight. Tebodin expects to complete the project October 2013.

This news item was originally published on the website of Tebodin Consultants & Engineers.

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