In 2016 the political surprises did not stop and confusing reports dominated the global news. Amidst all that turmoil, the Dutch water sector achieved some remarkable successes.

We have covered these successes in more than 250 news stories that have been read all over the world. To compensate the confusing global news, we prepared you a list of the most uplifting ones.

Ranging from inspiring international conferences in the Netherlands, such as Adaptation Futures in Rotterdam and Water Tech Fest in Leeuwarden, to state-of-the art projects such as the creation of new wetlands to stop coastal erosion in Indonesia, to the roll out of a Sponge City programme to funnel excess rain water in Wuhan, China, and not to forget the JustDiggIt initiative to re-green the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Special mention goes to Henk Ovink, the Netherlands' special envoy for international water affairs, who travelled constantly across the world to take the stage at important water-related events. Ovink called repeatedly for stakeholders to sit together to unravel the complex water issues and collaborate on solutions rather than negotiate.

As we prepare to put 2016 in our collective rear-view mirror, we thought you'd like a look at our top 10 news stories in chronological order.

1. Sediment-permeable dam stops coastal erosion in Indonesiadws-2016-look-back-photo-01-wetlandsRead full news story:
● Wetlands International reports first sediment build-up behind permeable coastal dam on Java, Indonesia, 3 March 2016

2. Sponge City programme to funnel excess rain water in Wuhan, Chinadws-2016-look-back-photo-02-arcadisRead full news story: 
● Arcadis appointed as principal consultant for Sponge City programme in Wuhan, China, 17 March 2016

3. Roll out of business plan by three Kenyan entrepreneurs in water services
Read full new story: 
● Via Water supports three Kenyan water start-ups to roll out their business plans, 18 March 2016

4. Adaptation Futures 2016: Biggest climate adaptation conference ever
Read full news story:
● Adaptation Futures 2016: A look back on the biggest climate adaptation conference ever, 19 May 2016

5. Connecting business and the solutions to the hard water problems the world is facingdws-2016-look-back-photo-05-water-tech-festRead full news story: 
● Water Tech Fest: Let’s make disruptive water technology happen, 26 May 2016

6. Singapore water week: A water industry willing to innovate
dws-2016-look-back-photo-06-singaporeRead full news story: 
● SIWW 2016: A look back on an event that showcased a water industry willing to innovate,18 July 2016

7. Aqua Monitor: Land surface gains, and water losses
Read full news story:
● Deltares' Aqua Monitor reveals remarkable changes in global land and water surface, 25 August 2016

8. Stockholm water week: Jump start on implementation of sustainable development goal #6 on waterdws-2016-look-back-photo-07-stockholmRead full news story:
● Stockholm water week 2016: High level panel on water takes complexity of global water issues on board, 3 September 2016

9. COAG25: More crop with less water, less fertilizer, less fuel and less pesticidesdws-2016-look-back-photo-09-coagRead full news story:
● COAG25: Sustainable agricultural water use starts with improving the soil, 28 September 2016

10. COP22: Creation of a green corridor across Sub-Saharan Africadws-2016-look-back-photo-10-justdiggitRead full news story: 
● COP22: Africa's hydrologic green corridor grows into reality for jump starter JustDiggit, 17 November 2016

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