dws-ocean-cleanup-iridium1-770pxThe Ocean Cleanup that aims to remove plastic from oceans, has selected Iridium Communications as its preferred satellite communications services provider.

Under the deal, Iridium will provide L-band satellite broadband services in collaboration with its service provider, AST Group.

dws-ocean-cleanup-iridium2-350px   Initial trials with a short version of the floating screen. In white are two communication stations on top of the system. On top photo the sail off of the 600m long version that is now tested.

On-board communication terminals
The Ocean Cleanups plastic collecting system comprises a 600m-long floating screen that includes a 3m-deep skirt.

Each of the floating screens of the system is equipped with two Iridium broadband terminals. Once the system is fully deployed with a fleet of 60 floating screens, there will be 120 Iridium broadband terminals on-board the system.

The Iridium broadband terminals will receive data from a set of sensors and data-gathering equipment hosted by each floating plastic collecting system deployed by The Ocean Cleanup.

The Ocean Cleanups headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, will receive the data, including compartment flood detection, position and location information, pictures and others, in real-time.

The service is supported by a constellation of 66 interconnected low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites of Iridium.

Reliable data transfer
Iridium Communications CEO Matt Desch said: ‘A reliable, predictable and redundant communication network, that can work despite adverse weather conditions is critically important to this system, and thats when the Iridium network really shines.’

When the oceans aren’t cooperating and several foot waves and powerful winds are causing havoc, the Iridium system will help The Ocean Cleanup to understands the operational status of the floating system.

Earlier this month, The Ocean Cleanup launched its first system at the San Francisco Bay, US, and is now conducting trials on the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

This news item was originally published on the website of Iridium.

(photos: The Ocean Cleanup)

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