dws-tocardo-tidal-test-facility-alfsuitdijk-770px-1Dutch firm Tocardo Tidal Turbines and Tidal Testing Centre have agreed on a long term cooperation of 3-5 years to expand the tidal test facility with three turbines.

The test facility is located in the 32 km long causeway Afsluitdijk, the Netherlands.

The three turbines will be placed in an array.

Monitoring array in turbulent waters
CEO Hans van Breugel of Tocardo says: "The turbines will give us vital data and experience in turbine arrays. There is no other turbine manufacturer capable of doing this. We can monitor this array in turbulent waters and are able to see how they react on each other."

Energising Delta project
This turbine array is part of a bigger project in the Netherlands: Energising Deltas. The Afsluitdijk is representative for an energy delta concept and is used as a pilot project for the Energising Delta project. Other resources of renewable energy, such as Blue Energy are also incorporated in the Afsluitdijk.

Energising Deltas is a project in which Tocardo, Energy Valley, REDstack, Erasmus University, PWC, ECN, Oranjewoud, Deltares, Tidal Testing Centre are involved.

This news item was originally published on the website of Tocardo.

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