dws-making-waves-logo-770pxSeventeen innovators in the Dutch water sector have made it to the final round and will pitch their ideas at the Making Waves event.

Making waves will be held on the Afsluitdijk closure dam, the Netherlands, on 7 September in the presence of former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Anan, Dutch Chief of Defence Tom Middendorp and Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment Melanie Schultz van Haegen.

dws-making-waves-annan350px  Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Anan, will deliver a key note.

Ideas for Europe
The event has been organised by the Dutch government to give promising innovations a stage and to help the development of an idea to implementation.

Beyond a stand-alone event, Making Waves is part of a chain of events and activities serving a greater purpose such as Ideas from Europe and the Innovation Expo 2018.

The winning innovation of this final round will represent the Netherlands at the European innovation event, Ideas for Europe, that will start later this year.

dws-making-waves-afsluitdijk350pxThe event will take place on the Afsluitdijk closure dam

List of finalists
The innovators that made it to the final round include:

● GrowX
concept of environment friendly agriculture by vertical farming
● Micreos
alternative antibiotic that kills unwanted bacteria, but leaves beneficial bacteria alive
● Dutch aWEARness
production of environment friendly business clothing
● Ioniqa
technology to recycle all PET-plastics to prevent marine litter

dws-making-waves-rain-a-way-350pxDesign street tile that drains rain water.

● Rain(a)way
a water-filling tile for pavements
● Barsha pump
floating pump that uses the flow of a river to pump water to higher lying farmland
● Fish Flow
technology to produce hydropower without harming fish
● Villagepump 
low cost water pump for remote areas
● H2O Barrier
installation to filter plastic litter from a flowing river
● PlasticRoad
concept of a road made from plastic waste, including a drainage system for rain
● Aquafarm
technology to produce building materials from sewage waste water

dws-making-waves-sunglacier-350pxSunglacier's installation in the desert for the recovery of water from air.

● Sunglacier
technology to harvest water from air, powered by solar energy
● Bluerise
technology to convert thermal energy from different temperatures of ocean water
● Slow Mill
installation to captures energy from wave movements
● Shallow geothermal wells
technology to gain energy from shallow geothermal heat with lower temperatures
● NaFRAd
technology to remove toxic algea bloom and recover phosphate 
● Honey Highway
concept of wild flowers along highways to improve biodiversity
● Protein from sewage
a technology to produce protein from ammonium that has been recovered from wwtp-effluent

dws-making-waves-tahmo350px  Rolf Hut of Tahmo pitches the meteo station at the prequalification round in Delft earlier this year.

a weather station of which 20,000 are planned to be placed in Africa
● Flood forecasting app
application on mobile phone that warns residents for floods
● EQA smart river
floating hydropower installation using the flow of the river
● Phario
technology to produce PHA bioplastic from waste water
● Geowall
concept to construct levees from dredging material
● Elemental Watermakers
desalination technology, based on reverse osmosis solutions, driven by solar, wind, wave or the grid
● Barsha pump
floating pump that uses the flow of a river to pump water to higher lying farmland

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