dws-fdn-eba-tsunami-resistant-house-770pxThe tsunami resistant house, designed by Dutch engineering and construction firm FDN, has been nominated for the 2014/15 European Business Awards in the category UKTI Award for Innovation.

Online public voting for this year's awards continues till 24 February and the award gala will take place on 15 June.

dws-fdn-eba-logo-350pxOne of the 110 nominations
FDN is one of the 110 nominations for this year's edition of the independent award programme to showcase Europe’s skills, achievements and innovations in the field of business.

For the European Business Award 2014/2015 FDN already received the Ruban d’Honneur for innovation, "recognising the company as one of the top 110 businesses in Europe," says Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards.

Tsunami resistant house
Sea level rise and flooding rivers due to global warming and deforestation cause problems in several Asian, South-American and European countries.

For Asian coastlines, FDN designed the tsunami resistant house (top illustraton). Due to de hydrodynamic design and concrete, waterproof stable structure it can withstand the worst tsunami’s.
Solar panels on the roof and watertight windows keep the inhabitants safe during a tsunami wave attack and after.

dws-fdn-eba-floating-home-wessem-nl-350pxRealized floating recreational building in Wessem, the Netherlands, including a harbour office and a restaurant.

Innovative floating and waterproof constructions
Dutch engineering & construction company FDN offers sustainable solutions for the problems of climate change and other disasters all over the world.

The company designs floating houses and other buildings that can withstand sea level rise and flooding as well as strong tsunami proof constructions.

For European countries FDN designed several floating constructions like floating buildings in Amsterdam, a Yacht hotel and a semi floating apartment, where a special hydraulic system stabilises the position of the house during storm, waves and water tides, assuring a comfortable living without any ship-like behaviour of the house.

dws-fdn-eba-amphibious-house-350px   Low costs amphibious houses designed by FDN, in cooperation with WaterstudioNL, featuring an anchor system that enables controlled flotation during floods and return to its initial position afterwards.

For the Colombian government FDN designed an amphibious house, built on land but able to float during floods, while anchors keep it in position. Solar panels make if self-sufficient, whereas easy transportation and assemblage keep the costs below 20.000 dollar.

Another FDN invention are sustainable floating breakwaters which already protect the harbours of Monaco and the Greek island Messolonghi. They can be combined with wave energy converters.

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About European Business Awards
European Business Awards (EBA) is an independent awards programme designed to recognise and promote excellence, best practice and innovation in the European business community.

The UKTI Award for Innovation goes to innovative individuals and organisations that drive the economy. Recognising the evolving nature of business, true innovators originate forward-thinking concepts to instigate improvement. This award acknowledges the importance of innovation as a strategy to influence ongoing
business development

About FDN
Functional Design Nederland (FDN) is an innovative engineering & construction company located in Amsterdam. Founded in 1996 for the development of floating harbours, it also develops regular civil engineering work (80%) and new products (20%).

FDN is famous for design & build of floating structures and Ultrabridges, which received many international awards.

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Jan Falbr, structional engineer at FDN explains why to vote for the innovative activities of his company.