On Sunday November 1st, the citizens of Amsterdam welcome the participants of third Amsterdam International Water Week with a spectacular public pop-up park event on the Dam square in the heart of the old city.

The event is to inspire cities to become rain proof by collecting rain water on green roof tops, decrease their hardened surface and create more green-blue areas.

A parade of green pimped bicycles rides through the city to Dam square with 4 meter tall trees.

dws-aiww2015-rainproof-rave-ride-logo-400pxMonster rain showers
Climate change will have big impacts on cities. Periods of drought will prolong, temperatures will rise, and torrential rain showers will occur more often.

These monster rain showers are increasingly often the reason for nuisance and billions of dollars in damage: the water doesn’t get drained, traffic gets interrupted and the infrastructure gets damaged.

In order to find solutions to these problems, one of the main themes of the third edition of the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is on resilient cities.

To address the issue of rain water harvesting the Amsterdam Rainproof initiative organises this special public kick off event on the Dam square on Sunday afternoon from 2.00 - 3.30 p.m. in the heart of the city.

Beats of rainproof music
Everyone is welcome to enjoy the beats of rainproof music while participating in sustainable workshops, admiring hip rain fashion and gadgets or just enjoying a raindrop-drink.

Some of the workshops include:
● vertical bottle gardening
● wonky Rain Pipe Art
● greening your home
● rain flush
● climate talk

Are you also putting on your favourite rain outfit and joining for a rainproof future? Admission is free!

Make the connection: Come to the Amsterdam international water week!

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Wath this video introduction to the Rainproof event - English subtitles