dws-unesco-ihe-adb-3rd-week-opening-luijendijk-770pxUnesco-IHE Institute for Water Education and the Asian Development Bank organize the 3rd Asia-Netherlands Water Learning Week from 16 to 20 June 2014 in Delft, the Netherlands.

On 16 June rector András Szöllösi-Nagy welcomed the participants and senior advisor Jan Luijendijk (top photo) explained them the programme and the learning objectives.

dws-unesco-ihe-adb-3rd-water-week-participants-350pxNine Asian countries
The participants are from the selected Asian countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Vietnam.

During the week they work on project case studies from Asia and the Netherlands and learn together in an intensive programme how to leverage results from collaborative approaches in water investment projects for cities and river basins.

Water security and green growth
The programme builds on the successful experience of the 1st and 2nd Asia-Netherlands Water Learning Week in which more than 60 Asian water leaders compared experiences with colleagues in the Netherlands in making smart choices for water security and green growth.

dws-unesco-ihe-adb-3rd-week-greenhouse-350px Visit to Demokwekerij (demo-nursery) Westland, a Dutch innovation centre for applied horticulture technology, including water treatment.

During the week’s intensive programme, the selected teams will work and learn in partnership with dedicated host organizations and experts from the Netherlands and Unesco-IHE.

Dutch 'mirror' teams
The participating project teams will work together with dedicated 'mirror teams' from the Netherlands water sector mobilized by the Unesco-IHE Organizing Team.

By working together intensively, they will address the challenges posed by the project team, develop innovative solutions, and share experience through knowledge exchange.

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