On 20 January 2015, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and Unesco-IHE signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Water Resources Management for a duration of five years.

Specifically, the partners will use their global networks to strengthen each others work, collaborate on linking WRI's Aqueduct Monitor with Unesco-IHE's Water Accounting System and explore the possibilities of developing new joint products.

Global freshwater resources
The World Resources Institute and Unesco-IHE are both highly respected global institutions working at the intersection of development and ecosystem management, according to the WRI.

Both have worked extensively on the management of global freshwater resources across the globe.

dws-unesco-ihe-wri-account-nile2-2010-400px  Unesco-IHE's accounting of water flows in the Nile basin in 2010.

The Memorandum of Understanding underlines this dedication and seeks to enhance mutually beneficial collaboration on the many water management challenges and opportunities facing the world today.

Sharing of knowledge, expertise and global networks will increase their collective ability to meet the ambitious sustainable development goals that world leaders will agree in September 2015.

Global impact of water stress
The World Resources Institute welcomes the proposed joint research efforts in general and the possible linkage and complementation of WRI’s Aqueduct program with Unesco-IHE's Water Accounting framework in specific.

The Aqueduct monitor provides spatially explicit information on water stress (drought), flood and other types of risks based on a global model.

The joint effort will build upon these already highly regarded water information products and further enhance global impact of either product.

This news item was originally published on the website of Unesco-IHE.

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