A consortium consisting of Van Oord and BAM International, has been awarded the contract for the design and construction of the new container terminal for APM Terminals in Moín, Costa Rica.

The total contract value amounts to USD 460 million which is split between Van Oord and BAM International on an almost equal basis.

It will take the consortium approximately three years to complete the project.

New terminal and marine access
The consortium will be responsible for the construction of the new terminal and marine access. The scope of work for Van Oord consists of the construction of a 1.5-km rock breakwater, reclamation of an area of 40 hectares, including soil improvement works, and the dredging of the access channel and turning basin.

Van Oord will deploy a trailing suction hopper dredger, a cutter suction dredger and rock installation equipment. BAM International will construct the 650-metre quay wall, as well as the pavement, associated buildings and all utilities.

In 2011 APM Terminals signed a USD 992 million 33-year concession contract with the Costa Rican government to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain the new Moín Container Terminal on the Caribbean coast. 80% Of the country’s maritime commerce is handled in the current port complex of Puerto Limon/Moín.

dws-van-oord-moin-port-350pxLower logistics costs
APM Terminals will develop a world-class sustainable container terminal that modernises the port system to help Costa Rica achieve its economic ambitions. Not only will it increase the country’s international trade competitiveness, the terminal will reduce logistics costs through higher operating efficiency and enhance Costa Rica’s container cargo security reputation.

The new port in Moín will attract additional international investment, create new jobs and business growth benefiting the country and region.

The features and auxiliary facilities of the terminal, including the gate complex, will set new standards for customers, improve their logistics chain and reduce costs. The container handling equipment will be eco-friendly, featuring the latest developments in energy efficiency to reduce emissions.

About APM Terminals
APM Terminals is a leading global port and inland services company serving 68 countries with the world’s most comprehensive Global Terminal Network. With headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands – the company works with shipping lines, importers/exporters, governments, business leaders and the entire global supply chain to help nations achieve their ambitions and businesses reach their goals.

About Van Oord
Van Oord is a leading international contractor specialising in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oil, gas and wind). These markets are driven by global long-term developments resulting in an increase in maritime transport, a rising energy consumption, urbanization in coastal areas and a changing climate. Increased maritime transport is the driver of the Moín container terminal project. Its head office is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Van Oord is an independent family business and employs about 4,500 professionals worldwide. Its modern fleet consists of more than a hundred vessels and other specialised equipment.

About BAM International
BAM International deploys the contracting activities of Royal BAM Group outside Europe and is currently active in the areas Africa, Middle East/Gulf States, Asia Pacific, Australia and Americas. Since its establishment in 1958, BAM International has gained extensive international experience and know-how in the fields of marine and civil engineering, industrial works, infrastructural projects and general building.

This news item was originally published on the website of Van OordBAM International and APM Terminals (as a pdf-file).

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