dws-van-oord-coral-harbour-2-770pxVan Oord has won two orders in Brazil and the Bahamas. Both orders have a joint contract value of more than 100 million euro.

The activities involve dredging work for the construction of a new shipyard in Aracruz, Brazil and the upgrading of three ports in the Bahamas.

The execution of both projects has already started. The project in Brazil will be completed in late 2014. The work in the Bahamas will be completed in early 2016.

Jurong Aracruz - Brazil
Van Oord has won an order for dredging work as part of the construction of the Jurong Aracruz shipyard. The client is Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz (EJA), a Brazilian subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine’s Jurong Shipyard from Singapore.

The shipyard has been designed for the building and maintenance of specialist vessels and constructions for the oil and gas industry in Brazil.

The work involves the construction of an access channel, turning basin and moorings at the quays.

A total of 6 million m3 of material will be dredged for the construction of the new port. For this purpose, Van Oord will be deploying a large cutter suction dredger. The dredged material will be loaded into and removed by sand carriers.

dws-van-oord-reef-guard-350pxPart of the upgrade of the Coral harbour is the construction of an artifical reef. Van Oord has its own mobile laboratory for research on coral cultivation. 

Sandy Bottom - Bahamas
In the Bahamas, three ports will be upgraded on the instructions of the Ministry of National Security as part of the Sandy Bottom Project
(top photo: impression of Coral harbour)

The project is part of a programme involving purchasing vessels and upgrading three ports. The vessels will be delivered by Damen Shipyards Group.

Van Oord is responsible for the design and the execution of the dredging activities and the civil engineering work. The dredging work involves deepening access channels and ports. Van Oord is deploying a backhoe for these activities.

The civil engineering work involves the constructions of quay walls, breakwaters, buildings, jetties, moorings and facings.

Coral rehabilitation
Van Oord will be applying its own Coral Rehabilitation initiative on the Sandy Bottom project. This programme involves distributing coral cultivated in a mobile laboratory, the ReefGuard.

Earlier this year, Van Oord successfully completed a project on the Ningaloo Reef in Australia. This initiative is a sustainable expression of Van Oord’s marine ingenuity.

This news item was originally published on the website of Van Oord.

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The Sandy Bottom Project for the Bahama's Ministry of National Security.