Romanian Ministry of Transport has awarded Van Oord the contract to extend the jetty in the Port of Constanta.

The project will commence in May 2013, with completion planned for April 2015.

The contract, co-funded with EU funds, represents a value of 146,5 million euro.

Side stone dumping
Constanta is the largest Romanian port on the Black Sea. Van Oord will be extending the jetty by 1,100 metres in water 26 metres deep. A total of more than 3 million tonnes of stone will be placed.

Van Oord is also preparing a detailed design for the client. The work will be done using a side-stone dumping vessel and cranes.

To improve exploitation conditions
State Secretary with the Ministry of Transports Valentin Preda: "The completion of the offshore breakwater aims to expand the existing breakwater by 1.05 km, a fact that will improve the exploitation conditions and the safety of the vessels entering the port of Constanta (the biggest Romanian port along the Black Sea)".

Minister Preda: "The project is pretty important for the port of Constanta, which will become more attractive from the commercial viewpoint, as well as in security terms, and for the area-based companies that sub-contract the works for the Dutch entrepreneur."

The offshore breakwater in Constanta was built between 1976-1990, but only 4.8 km have been completed, as works have been suspended in 1990.

This news item is based on press releases originally published on the websites of Van Oord and Romanian news agency ACT Media.


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