dws-vanoord-bacton-partners-signing-770pxDredging company Van Oord, working as part of Team Van Oord, signed the contract for the Bacton to Walcott coast sandscaping scheme.

Sandscaping is a new cost effective way of beach nourishment by depositing a large amount of sand in a single operation. Waves, currents and wind will gradually spread the sand along the shore and nourish the beaches over a long distance.

The project is awarded by North Norfolk District Council and execution will start in April this year.

dws-vanoord-bacton-sandscaping-coastline-350px  Norfolk's coastline is heavily eroding. (photo: RHDHV)

Two big piles of sand
Van Oord will place two large amounts of sand along the Bacton-Walcott coastline. One million cubic metres of sand will be placed in front of the gas terminal and between 0.5 and 0.8 million cubic metres on the beach in front of Bacton and Walcott villages.

It is the first time this type of nourishment will be used in the UK. The concept has been developed in the Netherlands where it was applied along the coast near The Hague in 2011. In the Netherlands the concept is known as ´sand engine´.

The scheme was designed by Dutch consultancy firm Royal Haskoning DHV, who will remain involved for the design support and construction management.

dws-vanoord-bacton-sandscaping-sandneginenl-400pxThe concept of sandscaping as applied along the Dutch coast in 2011. Waves and currents are still dispersing the sand along the coast. (photos: RWS)

Modern engineering
Councillor Sarah Bütikofer, Leader of North Norfolk District Council: "I am delighted we have got to this stage in this crucial project, which will help to provide additional protection to nationally important infrastructure and local villages, using the latest in modern technology and engineering."

The project will create significantly bigger beaches, improved beach access and increase protection from the sea for the gas terminal and the villages of Bacton and Walcott.

Van Oord will be deploying a large trailing suction hopper dredger and a backhoe dredger.

The project milestones include the decommissioning of existing outfalls and installing a new outfall.

This news item was originally published on the websites of Van Oord and North Norfolk District Council.

(Top photo: the contract was signed by Steve Blatch (middle) - North Norfolk District Council’s Head of Paid Service, and Jurjan Blokland (right) - Chairman of Team Van Oord).

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View on the Bacton-Walcott coastline before and after (impression) the sandscaping.