Vitens Evides International (VEI) and the Association of Dutch Water Companies (VEWIN) will be supporting the Kenyan water supply sector to improve performance by introducing sector wide benchmarking.

Best performers as example
Over the last 15 years, benchmarking and exchange of ‘best practices’ has led to significant sector performance improvement in The Netherlands. In 1990, the 10 Dutch water supply companies started periodical and transparent comparison of company results on a voluntary basis. VEWIN provided overall coordination. By exchange of experience, best performers became example to others.

Benchmarking nine Kenyan water providers
Within this 4-year cooperation, VEI, VEWIN and Water Services Providers Association (WASPA), will train the staff of 9 Kenyan water services providers in the introduction of a benchmarking cycle. At first, performance results of the 9 water services providers will be compared and best practice will be identified.

Based on national and international best practices, performance improvement plans will be prepared and improvements will be implemented.

Improvement of financial results
Three demonstration project aimed at reducing physical and commercial losses are part of the project. Within these projects, the international experience of VEI will be introduced.

This project is co financed by the ACP-EU Water Facility.

More efficient with water losses and non-revenues
Vitens Evides International is powered by the two largest water companies of the Netherlands, Vitens and Evides. It is specially founded to contribute to the improvement of drinking water supplies and sanitation in developing countries.

By entering into multiple-year partnerhips with local water companies, VEI assists these companies to become financially more healthy and to operate more efficiently with a minimum of water loss and non-revenues.

VEI is already operational in Ghana, Malawi, Mongolia, Mozambique, Suriname and Vietnam.

This press release was originally published on the website of Vitens Evides International.

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