Voltea and Greenlight Innovation have joined forces to create a new product line to measure, monitor and collect data on the performance of water treatment equipment.

Using the new Water Test Station (WTS) tools, research laboratories, agencies and companies across the globe can immediately determine which technologies and products can make quality water affordable.

Verifying multitude of water conditions
The new line of equipment can test a multitude of water conditioning technologies from ion-exchange beds, through physical water conditioners to membrane bioreactors. In rugged and reliable test stands, performance claims for equipment in industries from wastewater to ultra-pure water can be verified.

"As the pressure on fresh water resources increases, the value of water data rises", says Voltea new CEO David Martin. Voltea and Greenlight are helping companies generate and analyze vast amounts of valuable information about the performance of water purification and conditioning equipment.

Testing performance of additional treatment
The push for water sustainability and protection of human life requires 'big data' to drive innovation and productivity. This line of test equipment, designed by and for water professionals, will measure how much better water can be when it is processed by both traditional and disruptive technologies.

Next logical step
Greenlight has long been answering the question 'What can this do?' in the fuel cell, battery and electrolyser industries, and now brings their expertise to water. Ross Bailey, CEO of Greenlight Innovation commented, "Since 1992 Greenlight has been the world leader in testing products which electrochemically consume and generate water. Test Stations for water production and purification equipment are the next logical step."

Effectiveness of Voltea's CapDI
One of the first products in the line is an enhanced Development Kit for creating new solutions and for demonstrating the effectiveness of CapDI from Voltea. This technology is at the core of the Hybrid DI system from Pentair.

About Voltea
Voltea has been delivering electrochemical water conditioning equipment to institutional, commercial and industrial customers for over 6 years. Voltea's CapDI systems remove ions from water using electricity at a lower economic and environmental cost than any other available technology.
Voltea was recognized as one of the 21 Technology Pioneers 2013 at the World Economic Forum, listed in the 2011 Global Cleantech 100 and won the best new technology award at the 2010 Global Water Summit.

About Greenlight Innovation
Greenlight Innovation has been the global leader in manufacturing electrochemical testing equipment for 20 years. With a global sales and service presence, the largest install base in the industry, exceptional safety record and unparalleled software functionality, Greenlight satisfies the most demanding customers.

This news item was originally published on the website of Voltea and Greenlight Innoviation.

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