Wafilin Systems and Westra Stainless Steel have delivered an ultrafiltration water treatment system for a new metal working machine developed by ECM Technologies.

The high tech machine refines metal products based on the process of electrochemistry.

EMC Technology expects to deliver the machine to an undisclosed European customer in next coming weeks.

Process water containing small metal parts
Electrochemical machining is a non-conventional technique based on electrolysis, in which metal is anodic machined, dissolving locally with a high accuracy.

The technique uses water to transport the electrolyte. The ultrafiltration system developed by Wafilin and Westra cleans the returning process water containing the released metal.

Impression of the metal working machine using water for the elektrochemical processing of metal products.

Jointly developed water technology
Wafilin and Westra jointly developed the water treatment system on the Water Campus Leeuwarden, using the knowledge of Wetsus Institute, the Centre of Expertise Water Technology and the Water Alliance. Also other companies associated to the Water Campus such as Berghof Membranes.

Easy collaboration
"All parties deserve the praise," says Harry van Dalfsen of Wafilin, himself a renowned pioneer in membrane technology. "In my career I worked in various parts of the world and I believe in the principle of cooperation. But the ease of collaborate on the Water Campus, keeps surprising me. One can find each other quickly and there is mutual trust."

Investing in development of new membrane technology
"Innovation is very important to us", says director Eric Wildeboer of Berghof Membranes, "That is partly why we made the choice of Leeuwarden. Working closely with Wafilin we can take advantage of the water application centre in the Van Hall Institute. Together with Wafilin and Paques, we invested in the development of the BioAir DS system using air to clean the membrane."

Water reuse system for laundry
Wafilin and Westra cooperated previously on the development of an ultrafiltration system for water reuse process in a laundry, achieving significant cost savings could be realized. And there were more joint projects.Both companies are convinced that by intensive collaboration unique they have added value to offer.

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