dws-wafilin-suez-nl-membrane-seperation-770pxWafilin Systems announced that it has entered into a Channel Partner agreement with SUEZ’s Water Technologies & Solutions Netherlands for joint development and commercialisation of filtration and separation systems.

The strategic cooperation enables Wafilin and Suez to unlock the market for customers with specific environmental challenges, especially in the field of resource recovery. The closure of this agreement follows years of intensive cooperation between the companies.

dws-wafilin-suez-nl-vegt-schonewille-350px  Andries van der Vegt (left) of Suez’s Water Technologies & Solutions Netherlands and Henk Schonewille (right) of Wafilin Systems signed the agreement (Photo: Ruth Rottiné/Wafilin)

Tailor-made solutions
Wafilin is specialised in smart membrane filtration systems and wants to support the food and diary sector in the future development of top-quality products. Suez Water in the Netherlands sees the cooperation with Wafilin as an opportunity to be able to offer its customers more tailor-made solutions.

Andries van der Vegt, Global Service Director at SUEZ’s Water Technologies & Solutions Netherlands: "Wafilin has proven itself over the past years by connecting a number of new customers to us. It is a company with a strong passion toward developing solutions for environmental challenges in various areas."

Van der Vegt: "We see a lot of potential in the Dutch market and notice that our proposition in this region is working well. With Wafilin, we have found a good partner to unlock this growth market for us". 

Food and diary market
Henk Schonewille, CEO at Wafilin Systems: "We are delighted to be able to add Suez to our high-quality offer-range."

Schonewille emphasises the ability to deliver an even better, tailor-made solution to our customers, especially in the food and dairy market. "This collaboration is an important next step in achieving our vision of ground-breaking and smart membrane filtration solutions for the world of tomorrow."

dws-wafilin-suez-nl-r-d-facilities-350pxBased at the Leeuwarden Water Campus, Wafilin can use highly advanced research facilities both for water treatment and food production.

About Suez
In 2018 Suez generated total revenues of 17.3 billion euros in the five continents. The company is a world leader in providing sustainable resource management for cities and industries.

Suez secures water resources, delivering wastewater treatment services to 58 million people and reusing 882 million m3 of wastewater.

About Wafilin Systems
Wafilin brings over 40 years of experience in designing specialized membrane-based solutions for high-efficiency applications in the food & beverages, textile and dairy industries.

It qualifies itself as ‘masters in membrains’ and delivers unique technology concepts to reduce the costs of complex processes and unlock hidden values for higher profitability and growth.

Wafilin is based at the Water Campus, alongside the Water Application Centre (WAC) and the Food Application Centre for Technology (FACT), who provide the research facilities to develop unique solutions.

This news item was originally published on the website of Wafilin.

(Photos: Wafilin)

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