The Centre for development innovation, Wageningen University, will conduct a three-week International course for trainers on integrated water resources management (IWRM).

The course takes place from 1 - 19 June 2015 and focuses on water stewardship from a basin perspective.

Competitive use of water resources
The course aims at wetland or river basin management, training experts in the field of water, well aware that some of the challenges in using water wisely lay in the way responsibilities are divided between different authorities

A frequent result of this is a fragmented and competitive approach to the use of water resources.

dws-wageningen-iwrm-course-case-mangroves-350px  The case of the Sundarbans mangrove forest discussed during the IWRM course in 2013.

River basin perspective
Yet for current and future water security it is vital to maintain and restore wetlands as an essential water infrastructure, as well as think and act from a river basin perspective.

To approach water management effectively, it needs to integrate technical, economic, ecological, social and legal aspects and the stakeholders involved have to understand each other to achieve the necessary cooperation.

Water stewardship skills
This three-week course, endorsed by the Ramsar Secretariat in Switzerland, aims to enhance the understanding of IWRM as well as water stewardship skills; enabling the steps towards the wise management of water.

The course is based on the premise that a great water steward knows how to facilitate multi-stakeholder processes, and has strong communication and training skills.

A good water steward understands the dynamics of societal learning.

The former 'International course for trainers on integrated water resources management' took place in June 2013 and was attended by 22 participants from 16 countries.

The deadline for subscription for the coming course is 20 April 2015 (fellowship opportunity).

This news items was originally published on the website of Wageningen University.

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Soledad Castro from Costa Rica reflects on the 2013 edition of the IWRM course.

Mr. Ziro Moses from Kenya reflecting on the 2013 edition of the IWRM course.

A visioning exercise as part of the curriculum development work, in this case focussed on the Sundarbans.