dws-rhdhv-wwtp-garmerwolde-nereda-aerial-view-770px-1Water board Noorderzijlvest extended the treatment capacity of waste water treatment plant (wwtp) Garmerwolde by 40 percent, adding a new Nereda plant.

Nereda is a new waste water treatment technology featuring a new generation aerobic granular activated sludge technology.

The technology is invented by Delft University of Technology and developed in a unique public-private partnership between Delft University of  Technology,  Applied research institute STOWA, the Dutch water boards and Royal HaskoningDHV.

The new Nereda plant at wwtp Garmerwolde was officially commissioned on 8 October 2013. It is the second full scale plant in the Netherlands, the first being the Nereda plant at wwtp Epe.

The installation was constructed by GMB Civiel and Imtech Infra. The total cost of the project was 20 million euro.

Largest Nereda installation to date 
Secretary-general Siebe Riedstra of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment officially opened the new installation.


On the occasion Global director water products René Noppeney of Royal HaskoningDHV congratulated the water board with the milestone: "It is the largest Nereda installation to date. A beautiful project, which we can all be proud of".

The total cost of the new Nereda installation was 20 million euro.

Additional treatment capacity
The new Nereda system is added to the existing conventional treatment plant and gives an additional capacity for the waste water of 140,000 people with less energy and without chemicals .

Wwtp Garmerwolde is now in full compliance with current statutory requirements for purification and discharge of wastewater . The total purification capacity for the whole wwtp now amounts to 375,000 people

Two other Dutch Nereda plants are under construction at wwtp Vroomshoop and wwtp Dinxperlo. Both are expected to be commissioned next year.

dws-rhdhv-nereda-imtech-scheme-granule-350pxNereda in a nutshell
Nereda is a distinguished, innovative technology to treat wastewater using less energy and chemicals and a smaller footprint than conventional treatment plants. Nereda purifies wastewater with the unique characteristics of aerobic granular sludge. The purifying bacteria in creating Nereda compact granules with excellent settling properties.

The success of Nereda is its high water treatment capability in combination with significantly lower investment and operational costs, a very small physical footprint (up to a factor 4 smaller) and high energy savings (20-30%).

(both photos: Water board Noorderzijlvest)

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Royal HaskoningDHV
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Report by Euronews on the occassion of the opening of the first full scale Dutch Nereda waste water treatment plant in Epe in May 2012.