dws-ienm-innovatiom-compilation2-770pxDutch water authorities have jointly published a top 35 of water projects in the Netherlands that are currently under construction and are regarded as leading edge solutions for flood protection, water conservation, water quality control and urban water management.

All projects are described in the brochure Water Innovations in the Netherlands that was published on 26 March, marking World Water Day.

In the introduction of the brochure minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen explains the need for new water solutions: "The interwoven nature of water issues presents us with an ongoing challenge: to create feasible, smart and sustainable water solutions. Staying ahead of the curve with new insights, technologies and approaches is helping the Netherlands to meet these challenges effectively."

dws-ienm-water-innovations-map-nl-350px Locations of all 35 innovative water projects.

Joint effort by water authorities, research institutes and companies
Schultz van Haegen mentions the successful new collaboration in which government, authorities and market parties join forces with knowledge institution.

"Whether it involves developing new methods of reinforcing dikes, generating tidal energy or applying 3D technology to flood simulations, the challenge is to look at water with the broadest possible perspective. We are called upon to share our experiences at international level", writes Schultz van Haegen.

Ambitious water management plans
Both the Dutch governance and the regional water boards have ambitious plan to keep the feet dry and the water clean. Water professionals are challenged to realize complex water projects at the lowest possible costs.

This makes water innovation a hot issue in the Netherlands.

Dutch water authorities are investing in innovations for energy recovery, energy efficiency, raw material recovery, and providing better information and guidance aimed at achieving, together with municipalities and drinking water companies, savings of 450 million euros by 2020. 

dws-ienm-innovations-water-storage-350pxA special designed fresh water storage with an extended route for the incoming water to get from the lake (above) to the central basin. On this route the vegetation purifies the nutrient rich water, optimizing the ecological conditions for fish and nature in the storage.

Internationally renowned programmes such as Building with nature, Flood Control 2015, Room for the river, Knowledge for climate have stimulated novel ideas to be developed into viable new concepts, projects and products.

First time put to practice
The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Rijkswaterstaat and the Association of Dutch Water Authorities made an inventory of water projects where innovative concepts or products are currently put into practice for the first time.

The inventory resulted in 35 projects on flood protection, water conservation, water quality controle and urban water management.

This news item is based on the publication of the brochure on the website of the ministry of infrastructure and environment.

Download the full brochure (as pdf-file): Water Innovations in the Netherlands

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