dws-wsm-india-storage-tank-770pxWater systems manufacturer signed a memorandum of understanding with Topsun Energy on the extension of its water storage tanks with solar panels. The agreement was signed in Mumbai, India on 6 June, in the presence of Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte.

Prime minister Rutte led a two-day trade mission to Delhi and Mumbai with 100 Dutch companies.

dws-wsm-india-patel-rutte-laurensse-350px Signing ceremony with Topsun Energy director Patel (left), Dutch prime minister Rutte (middle) and WSM director Laurensse (right).

Water available 24/7
Water systems manufacturer (WMS) supplies water storage tanks that can be built very easily. For the improvement of their product WMS worked together with Indian company Topsun Energy on the addition of solar panels. These panels can supply electricity in remote places.

The Dutch knowledge of water management and Topsun’s knowledge of solar panels and the local market, has led to a new type of water storage system, which can have a significant contribution to the Indian economy by making water available 24/7.

Availability of water contributes to a fast growing Indian economy.

Low construction costs
WSM developed water storage systems with a capacity of 50.000 to 750.000 litres of water and can be transported, build, installed and moved very easily. A storage tank can be build in a few days. Production and building costs are much lower compared to existing water storage systems.

WSM uses Indian steel (Tata Steel) to build the water tank and provides a ten year guarantee to its customers.

The water storage systems can be used in agriculture (water for animals and irrigation), industry, buildings (temporary storage) and in case of a natural disaster (water and temporarily/re-usable shelter).

dws-wsm-india-topsun-solar-water-pump-350pxTopsun Energy developed its own solar-powered water pumps.

About Water System manufacturer
WSM is founded by two Dutch entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience in European water technology. The company focusses mainly on its water storage systems.

Since the introduction of this European technology under the international brand name of the sales organization 'Dutch Water Solutions', the product has been adjusted to fit environmental challenges like the Indian climate.

About Topsun Energy
Topsun Energy has 20 years of experience in business areas ranging from solar lanterns, to MW grid power plants. It develops and manufactures high-quality solar photovoltaic modules.

TopSun Energy is a leading system integrator with PV module manufacturing total plant capacity 50 MW at current efficiency levels of 300 WP Crystalline modules.

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A time lapse movie by WMS showing how fast the standarized water storage tank can be constructed by four people.