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Water technology company WaterQ, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, will start delivery ClearQ membranes in January 2013 for the retrofit of the industrial membrane bioreactor (MBR) operated by SIFA ScpA in the port of Marghera, Venice, Italy.

Phased replacement of membranes
In total WaterQ will deliver nine skids with 128 modules. “The membrane surface will excide 100.000 m2 allowing the operator to treat 50.000 m3 waste water per day,” says Bram Van Gelder, sales manager of WaterQ.

Van Gelder: “A phased replacement of the current modules allows us to constantly test our new modules before they become operational.”

Low energy consumption
The ClearQ is a hollow fibre submerged membrane system with low energy consumption. It is made of the lightweight PVDF thermoplastic. Raw water infiltrates into the fibre from outside and then collects the permeate flow from the bottom of the membrane fibre.

The membrane cuts off suspended solids, colloid, bacteria, viruses and giant molecule organic matter.

Easy to clean
The ClearQ membrane is made of lightweight PVDF thermoplastic providing a good chemical stability and making it easy to clean. Van Gelder: “These advantages enables our customer SIFA to extend the periods between chemical cleaning and to operate at lower pressure”,

Advanced water treatment technologies
WaterQ is a young water technology company dedicated to developing advanced waste water treatment technologies, such as membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology and containerized MBR system.

In close cooperation with its subsidiary in Beijing, China, WaterQ started several projects covering municipal and industrial waste water treatment and recycling, landfill leachate and lightly polluted water treatment.

In Europe the core business is selling containerized MBR system, ClearQ submerged hollow fibre membrane system, FlatQ submerged flat sheet membrane system and PureQ hollow fibre UF membrane system.


Improvement water quality Lagoon of Venice
SIFA ScpA is a joint venture of Regione del Veneto - representing Venice and its surrounding municipalities – and a number of private companies. The joint venture was founded in 2005 specially to safeguard the water quality of the Lagoon of Venice.

SIFA operates a municipal and industrial water treatment plant next to the lagoon. The effluent of the industrial WWTP is pumped through a 20 km long pipeline into the Adriatic Sea.

The effluent of the municipal WWTP is transported to a special constructed 100 ha wetland for a final polishing step .

The construction of the two WWTPs, the wetland and the pipelines was completed in 2011.

More information
Bram van Gelder, sales manager bram@waterq.com
Nijmegen, the Netherlands
+31 24 751 61 34