dws-wetlands-strategy-herons-770pxHealthy wetland nature in coastal areas, in deserts, in mountains and peatland. This is the aim of the new 10-year strategy for non-governmental organisation Wetlands International.

The strategy aims to boost action for wetlands worldwide and optimise them as natural resources for the benefit of both people and nature.

On 12 May the organisation released its Wetland Solutions for People and Nature - our Strategic Intent for 2015 – 2025.

dws-wetlands-strategy-cover-350pxContribution to sustainable development
Around the world, wetlands are under growing pressure. Wetlands International wants to prevent and reverse the loss of wetlands and combine this effort with a significant contribution to sustainable development.

As Wetlands International CEO Jane Madgwick writes in the preface: "Wetlands are special and beautiful nature worth conserving for their own sake. But they are also vital for human well-being."

The strategy outlines vital wetlands as water sources, sinks and purifiers. They also protect shores and are world's largest natural carbon stores.

Bottom line for healthy economies
Jane Madgwick: "Wetlands need much more attention. Efforts to end poverty and boost local and global economies will go to waste if we don’t start safeguarding and managing wetlands better. It’s not a choice between environmental care and development gains. Healthy wetlands are part of the bottom line for healthy economies. Action is needed urgently by governments, the private sector and civil society from the Arctic to the Tropics."

Four priority landscapes
The strategy defines four landscapes that matter the most to people and nature around the world:
● vibrant coasts and deltas
● blue lifelines in the desert
● replenished water stores from mountains to sea
● peatland treasures safeguarded and restored

This news item was originally published on the website of Wetlands International.

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