The next editions of the Wetskills Water Challenge will take place in South Africa (in May) and Canada (June).

Young water professionals in these countries are invited to team up with Dutch colleagues to work in multidisciplinary teams of 4-5 participants to develop innovative concepts on study cases during an extensive two-week program.

dws-wetskills-2014-wisa-2012-350pxElevator pitches during the first edition of Wetskills South Africa in Kaapstad in 2012.

Water conference in Southern Africa
The Wetskills South Africa 2014 is linked to the biannual conference of the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) that will take place on 26-28 May.

The competition programme starts with field trips to water-related and cultural sites, followed by an intensive period focused on working on the assigned case study.

Dutch and South African supervisors will guide the teams and facilitate them to find their own innovative concept. Finally, the teams will present the innovative concept during a large presentation event at the WISA conference (27 May).

Wetskills-South Africa 2014 runs from 15 till 29 May and will also be open to young water professionals from Mozambique.

Water sumit in Canada
The Wetskillls team is also preparing a challenge program in Toronto, Canada. This program is for Bachelor and Master students, PhD and fresh graduates. The programme of Wetskills-Canada 2014 is integrated in the Canada Water Summit (18 June, Toronto) and the program of the Dutch delegation of companies, which visit the water summit.

The Ryerson University will be the Canadian host. The program will be arranged by the Tyerson University, the Dutch Consulate in Toronto and the Wetskills Team.

dws-wetskills-2014-winners-israel-350pxWinning team of the latest Wetskills challenge in Tel Aviv in 2013.

About Wetskills
The Wetskills Water Challenge is a two-week event for students from all over the world. The participants develop their own innovative and creative concepts for broad water issues in a changing world.

In multidisciplinary and intercultural groups, the students gain more in-depth knowledge on the challenge topics by workshops of renowned water experts and field trips.

Previous challenges took place in China, Morocco,the Netherlands, Indonesia, Oman, South-Africa, Egypt, Romania and Mozambique.

The last edition was in Israel and was won by a team of two Israeli and two Dutch water students with their concept 'Reclaim Agriculture', about improving the social context of using reclaimed water for agricultural purposes in Arabic areas in Israel.

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More information
Johan Oost (program manager)
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A catchy video made by the class of the 1st Wetskills South Africa in Kaapstad in 2012.