After 15 successful editions in five years, the Wetskills Water Challenge comes back to the Netherlands for the third time.

The NL2015 Wetskills program will start the 24th of October and ends on the 6th of November with the Jubilee celebration of the Wetskills program.

The NL2015 is a challenge amongst 23 students and young professionals with a passion for water from all over the world. They will compete in teams to develop an innovative concept for five case studies to create solutions for water issues in a changing world.

Previous Wetksills water challenges in the Netherlands were held in 2011 and 2013, also as part of the Amsterdam International Water Week.

Since 2010, about 200 water graduate students and young water professionals from more than 40 international universities and organizations have participated in Wetskill water challenges, held in China, Israel, United States, Canada, Mozambique, Romania, the Netherlands, Egypt, South Africa, Oman, Indonesia and Morocco.

dws-aiww2015-wetskills-case-ijburg-aerial-350px  Participants will be challenged to develop an innovative water infrastructure for the new district in Amsterdam.

Case topics
During the NL2015 Wetskills, students, water experts and companies will compare views on global water innovations, 
share best practices, and find new solutions on several topics, including:
● creating awareness to reduce drug residues in water
● design of the (waste) water infrastructure for IJburg Centrumeiland, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
● railway tracks and climate adaptation in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands
● from solar to salt – durable energy solutions for water supply company WML
● freshwater sustainable cheese

Programme jubilee edition
The traditional kick-off event is The Brain Hurricane on 26th of October where contestants will learn about the case studies, meet the case owners, and hear about the water challenges in The Netherlands from Dutch water experts.

During the Amsterdam International Water Week and Aquatech Amsterdam trade exhibition the teams will present their solutions to an international jury.

The winning team will be announced at the closing ceremony of the AIWW conference on 4 November.

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