dws-wetsus-2015-buisman-phd-770pxWater technology centre Wetsus announced that it now has over 100 companies that participate in its research programme.

Professor Cees Buisman, scientific director of Wetsus, announced this exceptional number at its annual congress that took place in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands on 28 September.

Buisman also disclosed that the European commission earmarked 3.3 million euro for Wetsus to expand its international ambition and attract more researchers from outside the Netherlands.

Wetsus set up a special programme and has 12 PhD vacancies for new non-Dutch candidates.

dws-wetsus-2015-panel-c350pxWetsus director Johannes Boonstra led a panel discussion on how to give room for talent to bloom.

Fast growing
It was with great pride that professor Buisman (on top photo) told that the research centre is growing fast now. “We have a unique multidisciplinary scientific research programme that links our students and participating companies. More companies means that we can link more students.”

According to Buisman the inspiring combination of students and companies explains the recent growth. “Participating companies come to us with water technology issues they cannot solve themselves. Our students find this extremely challenging as it gives them an opportunity to work with real facts and solve real water issues”.

By next year Wetsus expects to have an employment of 70 PhD-students on water technology.

dws-wetsus-2015-bocken2-350pxDirector Stephan Bocken of Paques, as well as the rest of the panel, agreed that the development of talent is a key leadership task and should not be left solely to the HR department.

European center of excellence
The European co-financing for additional foreign students strengthens the position of Wetsus as a European center of excellence for sustainable water technology.

As the EU sets high standards for the recruitment and selection process, a special program has been introduced that meets these requirements.

There is a new website www.phdpositionswetsus.eu on which candidates can find the new PhD vacancies. The centre is looking for excellent and highly motivated candidates with interest in water science and technology having an MSc degree in microbiology, chemistry, (applied) physics, bio-technology, chemical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, or related disciplines.

At the moment Wetsus has 21 vacancies for PhD students.

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