dws-vhim-recycled-island-design-770px-1Together with a naval architect and a building engineer, the Dutch architect firm WHIM presented the design Recycled Island.

This floating villa is constructed from recycled plastic and is self sufficient.

The construction principle is based on yacht building in composite and brings together building engineering with naval architecture.

WHIM wants to build a prototype of this floating villa that can eventually be on display in any harbor city.

Suitable recycling techniques
The realization of a prototype will physically prove the overall concept and  is to provide the opportunity to test the strength of the recycled plastics.

In this the most suitable recycling techniques are considered.

Hollow parts
dws-vhim-plastic-soup-350pxThe prototype should be built from hollow elements made by recycling the plastic waste from coastlines reinforced with natural fibers. These hollow parts will be the components from which Recycled Island will be constructed.

Students of the Rotterdam University are exploring the potential of recycling the plastic pollution in the Meuse river to a new floating habitat.

The project is a collaboration with the Rotterdam Municipality.

This news item is based on information published on the website Recycled Island.

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