dws-vei-mowasco-mombasa-kiosk-770pxThe Water Operator Partnership carried out by Vitens Evides International (VEI) in Mombasa, Kenya has been extended for a period of two years.

The extension is in response to the request from the World Bank to VEI to increase its support to the Mombasa water utility MOWASCO with respect to increase of coverage and improvement of operations.

The signing of the new contract took place at World Bank's head quarters in Washington on 16 October.

dws-vei-mowasco-signing-achayo-350px   Director Fatma Awale (front) of Mombasa County Government and  Principal Secretary James Lopoyetum Teko of State Department of Water, signing the new contract.

New large dam
At present, Mombasa’s water supply is insufficient. Only one third of the current demand is covered. As part of a nationwide programme in Kenya, the World Bank will build a large dam in the vicinity of Mombasa in the coming yrears which will provide more water to Mombasa.

More attention will also be paid to improving the existing network in the city to ensure sufficient 'water-absorbing capacity' in Mombasa. After all, the water must not only be transported to the city, but it must also be transported within the city.

More water to customers
VEI has made a strategic plan for the years 2015-2030 together with experts of the World Bank, the Kenyan drinking water company MOWASCO and the Coast Water Services Board.

This plan states which activities must be implemented to ensure that Mombasa can obtain additional water. One of the activities is aimed to reduce non-revenue water from 50% to 20% in the next four years.

New cooperation with World Bank
Because VEI already works in Mombasa through the current Water Operator Partnership, the World Bank asked VEI to lead the activities on the reduction of non-revenue water.

VEI's current project will therefore be extended by two years. Budget is also available for supervising and training the employees of MOWASCO by VEI.

The tripartite cooperation between VEI, MOWASCO and the World Bank is considered to be one of the first activities in keeping with the new cooperation between the Netherlands and the World Bank.

This news item was originally published on the website of Vitens Evides International.

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