On World Toilet Day 2012 multinational consumers good company Unilever announced in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam the opening of the first Domestos Toilet Academy and in London an interactive sculpture 'The Public Toilet' was revealed.

Unilever, under its Sustainable Living Plan, has committed to helping more than one billion people take action to improve their health and well-being.

Additionally Unilever is pioneering an innovative approach to the provision of sanitation, through its continued partnership with the World Toilet Organization, leading to the launch the world’s first Domestos Toilet Academy in Vietnam on November 19th..

Training of local entrepreneurs
The academy will provide the business skills and training necessary for local entrepreneurs to source and supply latrines to their local communities – providing jobs and a boost to the economy, and at the same time promoting the importance of safe and hygienic sanitation.

The Toilet Academy programme aims to be a sustainable and long-term solution to sanitation that benefits local society and helps stimulate local economy.

CEO of World Toilet Organisation Mr. Jack Sim (left), Marketing Vice President of Unilever Vietnam Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Va (middle) and Chief of Staff Vinh Long Peoples Committee Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hoc (right) hold a cheque at the Media Briefing for World Toilet Day 2012, Vinh Long Province, Vietnam.

Mobilization of all Vietnam agencies
On the occasion of the opening of the acadamy dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, Minister of Health Vietnam said: "Currently, many countries, including Vietnam, are still facing lots of difficulties and challenges. Challenges of globalization as well as environmental pollution, population growth and urbanization have impacted the sanitation crisis. In Vietnam, the government has put strong emphasis on stimulating and promoting the 'Patriotic Hygiene Movement' to mobilize all management agencies, organizations at all levels and entire nation to join hands in improving hygiene and sanitation as this is essential in the current context."

Nguyen Thi Kim Tien: "The active participation of businesses like Unilever, helping improve health and hygiene for communities is greatly appreciated and widely acknowledged. The launch of the Toilet Academy clearly demonstrates Unilever's enormous effort and will positively contribute to improve sanitary conditions for Vietnamese people."

Interactive sculpture in London
In addition, to further raise awareness amongst consumers, Domestos commissioned 'The Public Toilet', a 4.5m high interactive sculpture which
was installed for five days around World Toilet Day, next to the iconic Tower Bridge landmark in London.

The sculpture was designed by Andrew Shoben.

Via a special website everyone could upload a short video of their face that was broadcasted onto the face of the sculpture.

This news item is based on the press release published on the website of Unilever/World Toilet Day.

The official video of World Toilet Day 2012

Founder Jack Sim of the World Toilet Organisation explains why World Toilet Day is needed.

Interview with Jordan Soh on his daily work in Vietnam constructing toilets.

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