dws-wwa-nihwm-maenhout-bonzel-radulescu-770pxRomanian National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management (NIHWM) and Dutch World Water Academy signed a Letter of Intent to cooperate on capacity development and training of professionals in the water sector.

The Letter of Intent was signed by director Mrs. Dr. Daniela Radulescu of NIHWM (right) and director Mrs. Ir. Agnes Maenhout of World Water Academy (left) in Bucharest on 29 January 2014

Dutch Ambassador, Mr. Van Bonzel (back), and the General Manager of Apele Romane, Mr. Dr. Eng. Pintilie, attended the signing ceremony.

Special training concept for professionals
The Letter of Intent contains the set-up of practical training for employees on various levels in the water sector, in the field integrated water resources  management, flood risk management and dike construction & maintenance.

Main aim is to introduce in Romania the for-professionals-by-professionals training concept, as developed by World Water Academy.

Romanian and Dutch companies, universities and authorities will be involved in this process. Part of this is the exchange of the Romanian and Dutch  Young Water Professionals.

dws-wwa-nihwm-signing-flood-romania-350pxFlood risk management: high priority
Director Mrs. Dr. Daniela Radulescu of National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management (NIHWM) is very pleased to state the cooperation with the World Water Academy. "Flood risk management is of high priority in Romania and demands international and national exchange of knowledge  and know-how. I hope that we can use the philosophy and the experiences of the World Water Academy to accelerate the capacity development of our institute."

Mix of theory and practise
Managing director Mrs. Ir. Agnes Maenhout of the World Water Academy stated the importance of a continuous basis of capacity development for all  levels in de sector, also the grass-root and middle management.

Maenhout said: "The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical know-how are the key elements to improve the quality of the working activities. This added value leads to motivated and skilled staff and will reduce life time costs."

About National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management
The National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management (NIHWM) is a unit of the National Administration Apele Romane. The institute is the  national authority in hydrology, hydrogeology and water management. It develops research activities and provides operational services of national and  international public interest for the protection and socio-economic well-being of people.

About World Water Academy
The World Water Academy is the training institute for professionals in the Dutch water sector. Established in 1993 by the Dutch water sector in order to  improve the quality of their employees with specific, practical knowledge on water issues, the organisation built up a wide experience in capacity building  and training in the water sector.

The academy develops and delivers practical and technical training for a wide range of water related issues. Each year about three thousand employees  working for the water sector participate in one of the eighty training courses.

This news item was originally published on the website of World Water Academy.

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