dws-wwa-master-class-south-africa-oost-770px-1Three trainers of eThekwini Water and Sanitation have succesfully completed a master class to assess the results of their course Wastewater treatment for process controllers.

The master class was conducted by Dutch-based World Water Academy and World Waternet conducted the master class on assessment.

Joint Dutch-South African capacity development programme
World Water Academy, World Waternet and eThekwini Water & Sanitation (EWS) execute a capacity development program as part of the Centre of Expertise project in Durban.

This program focusses on the transfer of expertise on didactics and content between the Netherlands and South Africa. The aim is to create a modular ten day course Wastewater Treatment for Process Controllers with a final exam.

dws-wwa-master-class-trainers-350pxMaster class assessment
The three trainers of EWS - Shenelle Emmanuel, Mduduzi Dlamini and Nkosinathi Buthelezi - attended a Master class assessment on 24 February.

This master class focussed on assessment procedures and various types of questioning, like multiple-choice questions, open questions and case questions.

Assessment is for both the trainer and participant crucial to know, respectively in giving and undertaking the training adequately. Assessment is the final step in the didactical model and is one to one related with the learning objectives of the course.

Learning objectives
Johan Oost, trainer of World Water Academy: "being aware of the importance of assessment, the training design and development comes together like a puzzle. Firstly, you decide the prior knowledge. Based on that you determine the learning objectives, what the participant should know or be aware after the course. After the master class I noticed more awareness and understanding at the EWS trainers about this didactical model."

According to Oost an assessment is important to check whether the objectives have been reached.

Wastewater treatment course
Assessment plays a crucial role in the Course Wastewater Treatment for Process Controllers. The course exists of four modules. Every module ends with an assessment, like an oral test at the wastewater treatment plant (so-called ‘Walking around test') and a multiple-choice test.

The participants have to pass the final exam to receive their diploma.

Project progress
The course development will be finalised in October 2014. The Dutch trainer Kees de Korte (World Waternet), expert on wastewater treatment, about the progress in the project: "In the meantime the South African-Dutch team made a strong progress, in the development skills as well as in getting along together very well. The cooperation is very fruitful and the challenge to prepare a high quality course is underlined by every team member. The whole team is looking forward to start up the preparation for module 4 on Operation and maintenance."

This news item was originally published on the website of World Water Academy.

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