To ramp up access to safe water by low-income communities demands 'the creation of new industries, rather than the growth of a few organizations'. A recent report by Hystra, a Parisian consultancy, insists that 'unprecedented collaboration is needed'.

New viable business concepts
The report, ‘Access to safe water for the Base of the Pyramid’, released in December, delivers the findings of a multi-player study team on new opportunities for viable business concepts and practice, in mini-grids, household options, kiosk models and rural operations and maintenance services on wells and pumps.

Author present at World water forum
The lead author, Hystra, together with other members of the study team, will
present the report and discuss its recommendations with participants at two
meetings in the heart of the World Water Forum in Marseille next week.

  • Monday, 12 March, 16.30 - 17.30 in the Swiss Pavilion, Hall 3, 03.116a, Parc Chanot
  • Tuesday, 13 March, 11.00 - 12.00 in the Netherlands Water Pavilion, Hall 3, 03.106

The sessions, open to all, will be facilitated by 300in6, the communications platform for cooperation between public, private and civil society sectors in scaling up promising interventions for greater access to safe water at the Base of the Pyramid.

The study, undertaken in collaboration with Aqua for All and the BOP Innovation
Centre, was sponsored by French cooperation and water sector sources, a British
investment fund and the Swiss (Government) Agency for Development and

The new 300in6 magazine ‘UPSCALE – the Safe Water Review’ will be launched at the sessions. It includes an interview with a lead author of the study.

To receive an advance copy, write to

The 300in6 video suite on issues of scaling up will be trailed all week at the stand on the Netherlands Pavilion.

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