dws-xflow-colourfield-india-hockey-770pxWith a kick-off Indian minister Vijay Goel of youth affairs and sports, officially opened the first Colourfield mini sports arena in the city centre of New Dehli on 1 December.

The fully installed arena combines the supply of clean water with a social sports education program that features sport facilities and a learning center. The ultra filtration unit (UF-filtration) unit is provided by X-Flow, the international membrane brand of Pentair.

Colourfield is an initiative of Dutch Sports Infrastructure (DSI) that collaborates with sports organizations and the Dutch government to develop the sports infrastructure in India.

dws-xflow-colourfield-india-350pxDrinking water, cooling and solar energy
Under the artificial grass of the mini sport field, there is a drainage system to collect water which is then purified by a ultra-filtration unit. This unit, delivered by X-Flow, produces up to 3,000 litres of clean drinking water per hour.

The drainage water also cools the temperature of the grass with about 4 degrees - which is nice in the 40-plus heat of India. Solar panels provide the electricity for the lighting.

Sports facilities for children
The Colourfield concept contributes to making cities more liveable, combining six goals:
• sports: providing the community with a high standard sports pitch
• water: catchment, use and reuse of rain- and well water for drinking water
• environment: provide a sustainable sports facility with most of its elements made out of recycled materials.
• education: coaching in football and life skills
• health: sports, education and clean drinking water both contribute to mental and physical health
• community development: a sports- and recreation facility which contributes to the wellbeing of the community

dws-xflow-colourfield-india-kick-off-350pxKick-off by Indian minister Vijay Goel of youth affairs and sports

Social life skills
The Colourfield concept also includes the WorldCoaches program of the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB), a program that educates local coaches in football coaching techniques and social life skills.

At the festive opening Indian minister Vijay Goel was present, together with famous Dutch former footballer Frank Rijkaard and former hockey player Floris Jan Bovelander.

This news item is based on the press release published on the website of Dutch Association of enterprises in technological Industries FME (in Dutch only) and X-Flow/Pentair.

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