Water and AgriFood

Water management is one of the greatest challenges facing the agrifood sector today. Worldwide, less and less water per head of the population is going to be available for food production. In 2050 it will be a third of what it was in 1950, while the world’s population will have grown from 2.5 billion to 9 billion people. Water stress is inevitable as industry and farmers need for water will increase to feed all these mouths. Realizing food security in the coming decades means that yields per hectare will have to increase, with prudent use of water and nutrients.

ipad-waterandagrifood'Less water, new solutions'

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plaatje-infographicAn integrated approach
Reducing the impact of water stress in the agrifood sector most of the time starts with sensible management of water flows focusing on a river's entire catchment area. But sustainable water management is not only a case of using the available water more efficiently. Working on sustainable solutions for Water & Agrifood means ensuring a coherent, mutually balanced combination of suitable soil, not too much and not too little water and the amount of nutrients actually required by the soil. New and easy accessible technologies can improve water use efficiency and at the same time increase yields. Innovative solutions, such as direct crop monitoring and geo-information, will give farmers better insight in their water resources. Measuring soil quality and moisture levels will enable farmers to take the right measures when it comes to irrigation and appropriate fertilization. Difficult environmental conditions also demand new crop varieties that are resistant to drought and salinity.

Combining techniques and information on soil fertility, soil moisture, water buffering capacity and irrigation is what we Dutch call an integrated approach on Water & Agrifood. Innovative information technologies can play a crucial role.

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 Our integrated approach means not being satisfied with part-solutions to part-problems but always looking beyond the boundaries of one's own discipline. And improving existing solutions because we can always do things better. In our portfolio on Water & Agrifood we are demonstrating solutions with a broader perspective than water alone; soil quality, nutrient balance, salinity, yield quality and quantity, crop variety and smart information solutions play an equally important role. Let us inspire you to join us in our efforts. 

World wide partner for Water & Agrifood
Due to its fertile soil and smart solutions, The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agri-food products in the world, after the United States. Living below sea level made us experts in dealing with water related challenges and made us an innovative world wide partner for water.

In the Dutch Water & AgriFood Platform the strengths of both the water an agrifood sectors are combined. The platform gathers the expertise of the business community, knowledge institutes, and public partners, as the basis for identifying complete and practical solutions for farmers to use in their day-to-day routine. Dutch companies and organisations are always keen to bring together available expertise to create strong goal-oriented partnerships, working together with local partners to bring about effective and sustainable solutions to today's issues and to those of the future. Let’s work together!

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