dws-aiww2017-ceremony-2015-770pxOn 30 October the 4th edition of the Amsterdam International Water Week will start with a fully packed programme, including an international conference on global water challenges and the international water technology trade exhibition Aquatech Amsterdam.

One of the speakers at the opening ceremony will be Dutch Prime Minister Rutte who is one of the eleven sitting heads of state of the High Level Panel on Water (HLPW), an initiative by the United Nations and the World Bank.

dws-aiww2017-poster-350px  Two weeks to go for AIWW 2017. Get inspired, join in with the discussions and be part of this exciting event.

Nine billion people
The theme of the bi-annual AIWW conference is ‘Water… and 9 billion people'. The conference will take place on 31 October and 1 November and will address the global challenge to achieve Sustainable Development Goal #6 on water by 2030 and secure a safe, clean and sustainable water future.

The programme addresses four main water challenges that cities, utilities and industries are facing with a world population that is expected to reach 9 billion in 2050.

The four themes of the case sessions and solution workshops will be:
● water efficiency and value
● water management and resilience
● institutional transition and governance
● innovative water system implementations

dws-aiww-opening-rutte-speakers-galery-350pxMany renowed speakers at AIWW 2017, including Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (top right).

Real cases
The AIWW will be showcasing the latest solutions and innovations, bringing together leaders and experts, introducing new platforms, tackling real life cases submitted by cities, utilities and industries.

Already announced, is the case of multinational paint maker AkzoNobel. The company seeks a dialogue with AIWW delegates on how to boost water into a value driver, not only for AkzoNobel but for the whole supply chain and users from cross sectoral activities and markets.

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam challenges partners to join his city in a next step to make it more resilient. This step will include crossovers between social challenges, climate change, governance issues, transitions in energy and digitization.

A third case that has already been announced, is by Amsterdam water utility Waternet. Director Roelof Kruize invites the AIWW delegates to join the city’s Clean Capital initiative. This platform is a marketplace where waste streams are offered and parties can present their technologies that upgrade waste streams into valuable resources. To stimulate Amsterdam’s transition to a circular economy, expansion of the initiative is desired. The economy of scale will help to enlarge the supply and the demand for renewable recourses.

dws-aiww2017-roundtable-cities-2015-350px  Join the many roundtables and discuss global water issues with top experts.

Inspiring events
The Amsterdam International Water Week offers an inspiring combination of events: the AIWW conference, the renowned Aquatech Amsterdam trade exhibition, excursions in the Netherlands, the Sarphati Sanitation Awards, an extensive young water professionals programme, and inspiring social events.

This year some 25,000 water experts from all over the world are expected to attend the event.

You are invited to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week on Monday 30 October, 16.00 - 17.15 hrs.

Get inspired, join in with the discussions and be part of this unique and exciting event.

Last-minute registration for the AIWW conference is still possible.

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